We build creative tailor-made brandstories

In mind – or out of mind

With a bombardment of close to 3.300 messages targeted at us every day, it’s easy to go out of your mind. Look here, buy this, watch my video, like my latté. Everybody is shouting and wants to be in your mind. But what if shouting doesn’t work? What if we need to whisper some- times to get in mind? Go left when everybody goes right? Break the rules that everyone else is following?

Don’t mind if we do. InMind Advertising is here to create tailor-made brand stories that are relevant, clever and will stay in mind. We are fighting against the notion “Out of sight, out of mind”. Our work proves that the opposite is actually possible. That with solid concepts and brilliant executions we can stay in mind long after we are out of sight.

Anne Doulgerof

Account Director & Founder


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Jesper Bräuner

Creative Director & Founder


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