We are fighting against the notion “Out of sight, out of mind”


Professional pride can’t be taught from a YouTube tutorial. You either have it or you don’t. This kind of pride is what makes InMind so unique, and it’s in everything we do – from the concept developing, project management and art direction to the coding and the coffee making for the meeting. We always make an effort, simply because that ́s our DNA simply dictates that anything else we simply can’t do otherwise.


People in advertising are known to have quite a rock star attitude. InMind is known for our attitude too – a positive one we are told. We always enter a project with an open mind, and we have a straightforward approach to everyone around us. We believe in creating a safe space of trust and respect everywhere we go, where everything is possible, all questions can be asked and every subject can be discusses.


Great minds think alike and over the years we have gathered a great deal of outstanding people in our professional network. The cast and crew need to match the client, and with our comprehensive network of collaborators and freelancers, we can set the best team possible for the job. This flexible setup leaves us highly agile, cost efficient and fresh; always getting new input from the brightest minds in the industry.


Sometimes our ideas will blow your mind. Sometimes they will change your mind. Sometimes they will create peace of mind. What they have in common is that they only make the cut, if they are strong enough to become a concept that can be translated into all the different medias of today. With a solid concept, impact is inevitable, your business will grow and your brand will be “in mind”.


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